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What to Include in your Wedding Flat Lay

Recently, I was chatting with one of my brides, and she asked about what details to include in her flat lays. I realised other couples might have the same question, so I wanted to share some insights!


If you're not familiar with them, a wedding flat lay is a collection of carefully arranged items from the couple that I photograph. This is a wonderful way to capture items that might not typically be photographed, like invitations or heirloom pieces. Flat lays can include details from both partners, not just the bride!

Of course, none of this is mandatory! You don’t have to include these photos, but if you like the idea, gather everything you want to feature in a box or bag to keep it organized for your photographer to photograph on the day. Some of the most popular items include the following...

Wedding invitation suite (invitation, RSVP card, envelope)

Wedding rings (bride's and groom's)

Bridal bouquet

Boutonniere or corsage

Veil or hairpiece

Shoes (bride's and groom's)

Jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelet)

Perfume or cologne bottles

Wedding Invitation

Vow books or handwritten vows

Champagne glasses or flutes

Vintage or sentimental items (family heirlooms, handkerchief)


It's so enjoyable to play around with all the details to encapsulate the wedding theme and the couple's personality, plus they are amazing detail shots to add to the wedding album and tell the story of your magical day!!!

What would you include in your wedding flat lay?

All Photos: MeathPhotos Wedding Photography

Wedding Flat Lay Ideas

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