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Wedding Invites Designed with Love

Looking for beautiful wedding invitations? Then look no further as Excel Print in County Meath has got you covered. Your wedding stationery might not be at the top of your list when you first get engaged, but when you do get around to thinking about it you'll find that there's a lot to consider. And it's not just the invitations you'll ponder over as you might also be considering sending 'Save the Date' cards and of course 'Thank You' cards when the big day has come and gone.

You'll be asking yourself what themes and styles you should go for and be musing over how you'll word your stationary. When you do delve into the task you'll find there's a lot more to it than you initially thought. Luckily Tara from Excel Print is on hand to guide you in the right direction.

Tell us a little about Excel Print, where are you located and how long have you been printing?

For over 30 years Excel Print has been looking after the printing and stationery needs of the North East. As well as business and private printing we specialise in wedding stationery and have a huge variety and choice for couples to choose from.

I'm thinking of sending 'Save the Date' cards. Do you make these and how long before the wedding should I think about sending them?

There are a couple of different “rules” with 'Save the Date' cards. 'Save the Dates' are becoming more and more popular, particularly when the wedding is going to be abroad, or when a lot of the guests might be coming from abroad. They are a lovely way for the wedding couple to give advance notice of their impending nuptials to family and friends months in advance of the actual wedding invite being sent, so guests can organise their holidays/travel arrangements and save a few bob!

We recommend sending the 'Save the Dates' for a wedding abroad a year in advance and for a wedding here at home up to six months would be the norm! We have a range of styles for 'Save the Dates', they take about a week to proof and print, and even better we can design your full wedding set to match!

How soon before the Wedding should I send the invites themselves?

We always recommend sending the invites up to 12 weeks prior to the wedding.

And how much time should I allow for RSVPs?

Again the time required will depend on when your venue needs the final numbers, we would suggest 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding.

Would you have a variety of styles available for wedding invites?

Over the past 30 years wedding invites have evolved massively! Things are much more trendy these days, people have great imaginations and we have designed a huge range of quirky, cute, fun, and formal invites. We always find it much easier to deal with people in person, we have samples in our album so you can see the style of an invite, the texture, and colour of the card, etc. it can be quiet difficult trying to visualise an invitation by just looking at it on a screen. We have plenty of styles to choose from and are always working with happy couples to come up with something that suits them and their personalities.

I'm not sure to go with a traditional invite or something more fun & quirky. Is it possible to see examples?

We have plenty of samples of all styles of invites, there is a massive variety available. Having a chat with us and looking at the samples is always good as you get an idea of what we have available and we also get to understand what you have in mind!

We have plenty of samples available to view, and as always these can be tailored to suit your colour themes, etc.

I'm worried about forgetting something. What details are 'a must' to include on the invites?

Definitely include the, 'Who, What, Where, and Whens!' Most people also include accommodation information and directions, but this extra information is not always practical to put on an invitation and sometimes an extra info card can be printed in the same style as the main invitation. As you know Day 2 has become very popular so we can include these details on the invites as well.

There are also a couple of ways to word your invite, we can help you with all wording layouts!


Mr & Mrs Brendan Maguire

request the pleasure of the company of


at the marriage of their daughter



Mr. Eamonn Wright

Most Common

Aimee Murphy


Michael Lynch

together with their parents

request the pleasure of the company of


to celebrate their Marriage

Family Version

together with their families

Jason Browne


Derek Fitzpatrick

In what polite way can I be specific about who's invited?

This can be a difficult one as nobody wants to offend. We would always recommend including a line for writing the guests' name on, it makes it VERY clear about who is invited, making everyone aware that the whole family is not invited! If you don’t have a guest name line it causes confusion and your guest list grows and grows!

Is there a way to get my guests involved? For example, asking them if they have a favourite song they would like on the setlist?

A good thing is always to ask for a song that is guaranteed to make your guest get up and dance! Absolutely, this can be done with a section on the RSVP card or by having a questionnaire at arrival to reception to ask people their favourite song, etc. it could even be a job for a page boy/flower girl or a niece or nephew to go around and ask people. It will make sure people contribute and make that person feel important.

Should I number my RSVP cards in case someone forgets to put their name on it before sending back to me?

Definitely number your rsvp cards subtly somewhere and keep a list of who gets what number because guaranteed you will get some blank ones back that just have yes or no ticked and no name on them. The last thing you want to have to do is ring everyone to see who is coming or not!

Will it be possible to see a sample before I go ahead with the order?

Once an order is placed we get working on the proof, you get to see an actual printed sample, on the card you have chosen so you know how everything will look and feel. As with all our print jobs, a sample is generated and shown to the customer before we proceed with printing the entire order.

Once ordered how long would it take for them to be printed?

Proofing takes 2 working days, once the design, wording, card style, etc are signed off and finalised printing takes 4 working days.

Thinking about after the occasion, do you also create Thank You cards?

We sure do, the most popular thank you card would have a photo from your happy day on it, it is always nice for your guests to get a reminder of the big day and the happy couple looking smashing!

On the day...

We also supply mass booklets/brochures so that your guests can have a souvenir of the actual wedding ceremony, as well as helping them keep track of proceedings during the marriage ceremony. We can print table names, numbers, and menus.

As we have the ability to print large format we also print Table Plans to help guests see the seating arrangements on the entrance to the dining area. Even some customers get collages printed or other images such as "thumb trees" or Hot air balloon etc, where people can use an ink pad to put on their thumbprint as a leaf/balloon and write a note beside it.

How can I get in touch with Excel Print to chat about stationery for my wedding?

You can give us a call on 046 9029540 or 046 9029544 and we can have a chat and see what you have in mind.

If you have an idea in mind you can email it to Tara, my email address is

The good old fashioned way (and our favourite) is to call into our offices at Boyne House, Church Hill, Navan, Co. Meath, C15 X589.

We are open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.

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