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That 'Something Special' is Your Story!

Couples that are planning their wedding like to bring something unique or different to their day, to make it that little bit more special. What's often overlooked however is that 'something special' is themselves, and the story of that brought them together to the point where they are standing in front of a wedding celebrant and about to get married. In this wedding blog, we chat with Sandra Losty of Spiritual Ceremonies who enjoys nothing more than really getting to know her wedding couples and weaving their story into their day and ceremony.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how long you have been a wedding celebrant?

My name is Sandra and I performed my first legally binding wedding ceremony with Spiritual Ceremonies back in August of 2011. Never in a million years did I think I would love it so much or indeed still be performing ceremonies nine years later. My work background is training and development, so being in front of large numbers of people was no problem for me. What I really love about weddings however is that they have a more intimate nature to them. I just love being a part of a couple's special day and helping them to bring that to life in just the way they wanted.

Tell us about Spiritual Ceremonies and what they do?

Spiritual Ceremonies perform a variety of ceremonies such as legally binding wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, wedding blessings, naming ceremonies, and celebration of life ceremonies. They all have a spiritual element to them and we work with the people who book us for their ceremonies to bring out that spiritual element that reflects them and their values. Spiritual Ceremonies performed their first legally binding wedding ceremony in 2010 and have grown into a team of over 40 celebrants. This year will see Spiritual Ceremonies celebrate ten years performing ceremonies with a huge possibility that it will see the 10,000th ceremony performed during 2020. Our celebrants come from all over the country performing legally binding wedding ceremonies in all 32 counties of the island of Ireland. Spiritual Ceremonies are never far from having a celebrant perform a ceremony somewhere in the country any day of the week.

What do you enjoy most about being a celebrant?

Telling the story ultimately... but to get there it is the conversations with the couple or the parents and families of the people we are performing the ceremonies for. Weddings are wonderful events to tell a story that can start way back when they were children or something that clicked a few short years previously. When we delve down into it we see how things occurred and situations happened to bring a couple together. I call her Destiny (because I firmly believe Destiny is female, with an eye for detail for those chance meetings and introductions,) and she weaves the tapestry of their lives together so they get to their wedding day and a magical point in time where they say 'I Do!'

How soon should couples get in touch with you once they have decided on their date?

As soon as you have your date set contact Spiritual Ceremonies by filling in the enquiry form on the website. If you have a specific celebrant in mind mention them in the message box to inquire about their availability. A celebrant will be provisionally assigned to you and their contact details made available so you can have a preliminary chat with them before you make a commitment to pay the deposit to secure the celebrant and date. Then you can commence the process of discussing your ceremony and how you want to personalise it.

What areas and days of the week do you cover?

We cover weddings all year round all over the island of Ireland.

Have you any tips or advice for couples that have decided on a civil ceremony?

For sure, read up on the different types of ceremonies there are. Civil Ceremonies are only one kind and they are performed by a HSE registrar only. The others are Secular Ceremonies and Religious Ceremonies. A Spiritual Ceremony falls under the religious category and you decide how much or how little you want to include. We use the term Spirit to cover all belief systems and no belief systems. You can read more about this on my website 'The Wedding Lady'.

Can couples get married anywhere, or what should be considered when choosing the location for their ceremony?

For a wedding to be legally binding it must take place in a public place, but not just any public space. Think of getting married in a church. Anyone can walk in while the ceremony is taking place. It is the same when it comes to hotels and other such venues. The condition still applies to them that anyone can walk in as the ceremony is taking place. It cannot be made private. Your reception is a different story but the ceremony must take place in a venue the public has access to. Some venues do not allow a religious ceremony to take place in their venue so check with the venue if you are having a Spiritual Ceremony that it can take place there. Also, think of the venue as somewhere a letter can be posted to, so the legal ceremony cannot take place on a beach for example, it must have a physical address.

How can couples bring some of their personality into their ceremony to make it even more special?

That something special is their story and it weaves all throughout their day. Parts of it are told in their readings, the music, decor, and of course the speeches. We are probably more familiar with that element being regaled through the speeches but the ceremony is the perfect place to land the sentiment right in the centre of the day.

How can couples get in touch to book you for your wedding?

I've love to chat with any couple that are planning their wedding and it would be a privilege to be their celebrant for their day. Couples can get in touch by visiting and filling in the inquiry form with your details and ask for Sandra Losty in the message box.

I can also be emailed at or you can give me a call on 087 2469 789 and we'll have a chat and answer any questions you may have before you make the booking.

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