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Meet Bernie, creating beautiful wedding cakes for couples.

Who doesn’t like a cake testing session, right? Well, this is just one of the many services that Bernadette Kennelly offers to her couples. Bernie is a wedding cakes specialist based in County Meath who has over 25 years of experience of creating wedding cakes with hundreds of satisfied couples going by the reviews on her Facebook page. Let’s find out why Bernie’s cakes stand out from the rest.

That Personal Touch

“I aim to create beautiful cakes for couples who want a wedding cake that’s a little bit special”. No two wedding cakes are the same and Bernie likes to spend time listening to couples about their ideas. Cakes are personalised to suit each couple's needs. It’s not just about what the cake tastes like on the inside, but also how it’s dressed on the outside. Bernie dresses each cake to your requirements and incorporates any theme or colour scheme you may have. All this allows you to design your custom wedding cake which Bernie will then expertly create and deliver to your venue on the day of your wedding.

My advice for couples is to decide on a filling they both like, and not what any 'Aunty Nora or Uncle Joe's' like. As for the design of the wedding cake it is always possible to incorporate your wedding colour theme into your cake presentation. You can also have your fresh flowers added to the wedding cake display to make it both stylish and personalised to your special day.

A Taste of Excellence

“Wedding cake tasting can be made by appointment. I will have some of my fillings to try with cuppa tea or coffee in a relaxing atmosphere”. Some of the delicious styles & flavours that you can expect include: Madeira with White Chocolate and Raspberry Lemon Madeira Chocolate Madeira Chocolate Biscuit Carrot Cake I have more than 15 different fillings to choose from. My favourites are Maderia with White Chocolate & Raspberry, Chocolate Maderia filled with chocolate Ganache filling, and Red Velvet Cake is always another favourite along with my Chocolate Biscuit. Cake designs can vary from the simple & elegant to the contemporary look. Everything can be created to suit all tastes and requirements.

"Over the years I have made cakes to suit the taste of every couple. If you were seeking a grand show-stopper of a cake or a petite design for a smaller wedding, I’m sure we can find something to suit you. All the cakes can be adapted to suit your wedding”.

Preparation is the Key

"If a wedding cake has to be made for a Saturday wedding then from the previous Monday morning I totally absorb myself into my work and preparation. If there are three different cake-tiers to make I start with the largest one, then the center cake, and then the top layer. They are all filled with their fillings and left to chill. The final stage is the outside design and putting it all together. Last but not least, I do believe the most important is the finishing touches on the day. I dress the cake with fresh flowers, position the cake on the cake table, and follow all instructions from my Bride & Grooms". Some people like to come with there own personal touch, and I like that, That may be a symbol of something they both like or a piece of decoration from there parents Wedding Cake. This can all be arranged, anything is possible.


“We got our wedding cake off Bernadette & I have to say she went above & beyond. I never thought what I wanted was possible but of course, she said yes & the cake was absolutely amazing thank you so much for helping us on our special day!!!”. - Review by Bridget Barnett. If you are looking for that ideal wedding cake you can get in touch with Bernie on her Facebook Page or through her Website.

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