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Add Some Fizz to Your Day!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

There's no better day than your wedding day to have a glass of fizz and soak up the atmosphere amongst your closest family & friends. Prosecco has become one of the most popular drinks consumed by wedding guests and now has surpassed champagne in terms of popularity. And this is no surprise, as it's a healthier option, along with being a more affordable option also. When you hold a glass of Prosecco in your hand you can not only taste its excellence but also smell its delicious aromas and fragrant notes.

But how do I go about organizing some bubbly for my big day? And what are my options in terms of variety and value for money? Luckily Arthur from Art of Bubbles is here to help. From Kilmacanogue in County Wicklow Arthur decided after working as an accountant for 18 years for a large company that he wanted to try his hand at something unique and different. He set up his new Art of Bubbles business just over two years ago and so far it's been going from strength to strength. We chatted with him to find out more...

Your the owner of the 'Art of Bubbles' Prosecco & Fizz bar, tell us how it all got started?

I always had an urge to work for myself and I had several ideas tossing around in my head however, following my sister’s marquee home wedding a couple of years back, I discovered that there was a serious lack of options for event drinks receptions. I started to do some research but discovered quickly there were no easy routes with alcohol licensing laws but I persevered and was eventually granted a license. Having worked on the Continent for many years I recalled Prosecco was always the go-to drink for all celebrations and, as it is now more popular than Champagne, I knew this was the product I wanted to provide.

How long have you been offering services for weddings and what reaction do you get from the guests when they see your Van?

The Art Of Bubbles is just over two years in business, the reaction has

been fantastic. For us it is all about providing a luxury experience, as the

old saying goes, you only get married once so make the most of it and celebrate in style.

Do you offer different packages and services?

We pride ourselves on the product that we offer from the superb quality of our bubbly to the presentation of the Prosecco van. We provide a range of packages or we can create packages to suit individual needs. All glassware is provided from flutes to cocktail bottles or drinks presented in jam jars. We cover any celebration or event from corporate events to private parties.

Can you provide a service for an indoor event as well as outdoors?

We will gladly provide a service wherever access permits. At 1.5mtrs wide the prosecco van will generally fit through standard fire exit doors. The only requirement we have is the use of a standard plug socket, if the event is in the middle of a field or outside a church the bar system and lighting runs off a battery in the van.

We've heard through the grapevine (pun) that you use a specially chosen grape and your product is called Frizzante, tell us more?

We serve only the finest chilled Frizzante on tap. Our bubbles are carefully selected and must contain 100% Glera grape. Due to Italian law, we have to call our glass of bubbles from the barrel ‘Frizzante’ simply because it is not in a bottle. We have no problem with this as our bottled Prosecco and barrelled Frizzante is the same 100% Glera grape product from the same winery in Northern Italy. It is important to note The Art of Bubbles support and comply with the 2009 EU directive for the origins of Prosecco.

Your van itself is quite special as it's a Piaggio van, is that right?

Our van is a genuine Piaggio Ape Classic, the type that is still common in Italy today. The English translation of Ape (pronounced ar-pay in Italian) means bee. Enrico Piaggio had the brilliant idea of adding an extra rear wheel and drivers cab to the Vespa scooter to create a three-wheeled light and affordable commercial vehicle. The vans were an instant hit and as they say, the rest is history.

How long does it take you to set up on the day of the event?

These days, to be honest, we are such perfectionists that it takes just under two hours to ensure we have the van dressed and presented to compliment the event, glasses polished, and the coolers at the correct temperature for the perfect glass of bubbly.

Can you provide Wine or other drinks as additional options?

We can provide a selection of wines and we will always provide a

non-alcoholic option with our packages such as alcohol-free sparkling wine and/or Italian lemonades. While our license does not allow us to sell beer or spirits we are always willing to assist clients who want to provide other drink options at their event.

It all sounds fantastic! How can I get in touch to find out more and

make a booking?

We would love to hear from you and you are welcome to get in touch via any of the following. Our website is, on Instagram, on Facebook, or simply get in touch on WhatsApp 086 3881687.

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