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Postponing Your Wedding

Updated: May 12, 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos and disruption worldwide. The knock-on effect on the wedding industry has brought uncertainty and confusion to couples, venues, and suppliers alike. We are all in this together and we are dealing with unprecedented circumstances. If you are a bride or groom that has been left with no choice but to postpone your wedding then don’t stress.

Don’t Stress!!!

We know it’s easier said than done but don’t stress, it’s not good for your health physically or mentally. One thing that we are certain about is that this will pass eventually. At the time of writing the trend is showing that we will be back on track by September and weddings in Ireland will be in full swing again as long as people abide by the recommendations and advice given by the HSE and government bodies to stay safe and social distance.

Communication is the Key

Good communication, with your venue, and then your suppliers, is the key to getting through this. Firstly, contact your venue and chat with them about moving your date. Many couples are being realistic and already moving their date to 2021. For those thinking of moving to September or October this year keep in mind that venues will be short of dates, so maybe consider a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday as your day. Remember too that wedding coordinates are being swamped with date changes and many are working from home as the venue is currently closed. Be patient and allow a reasonable time for a reply to your email. Also, check regularly your spam folders as some replies might go there and you could easily miss it.

Talk to your Suppliers

Your wedding suppliers value your business and will be more than happy to accommodate you for a date change. In some cases, they might not be available but will be able to get cover or recommend another trustworthy supplier who is free for your new date. Try at all possible to communicate with your suppliers via email. This way they won’t miss a message from you and will be able to confirm a date change with you via email. Most, if not all suppliers, will also be able to transfer your booking fee to the new date. Keep in mind however that if you cancel a supplier completely then your booking fee is non-refundable. This might happen in all but a few cases as most suppliers will transfer the booking fee to a new date or to another supplier that they work with.

Let Your Family & Guests Know

Most will already know but don’t take it for granted. Depending on what way you sent out the invitations it’s best to do the same again letting them know the new date. It can be frustrating if you’ve already sent out the invitations but in these unprecedented times, it’s only a trivial matter at the end of the day.

Mark Your Original Date

You’ve picked your original date for a reason so you should still mark it in some special way. Have a glass of Processeco together, or even better an intimate candle-lit dinner for just the two of you at home. Take a photo and post it on social media or even use the photo for the new invitations. You’ll look back on the photo in years to come and say to your partner “Do you remember when all that was going on?” We’d love to hear your story so leave a comment below if you’ve had to change your date.

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Meath Photos
Meath Photos
Mar 30, 2020

If any couples have any questions about what's contained in this article please email us at, thanks, Paul.

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