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Meet Laura Colgan, Wedding Singer of the Year 2020!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

One of the most important choices you'll have to make while planning your wedding is your choice of music. You'll require music during your ceremony, maybe some music at the pre-drinks reception, and certainly, you'll require the music for that all-important first-dance and evening to entertain your guests into the small hours. Therefore picking your music providers is a big consideration and making the right choice can really help make your day both magical & memorable. Local entertainer and wedding singer Laura Colgan has many years of experience in the industry and has won some prestigious awards, most notably this year when she was awarded both the 'Wedding Singer of the Year' and the 'Overall Supplier of the Year' at the Weddings Online Awards back in February. In this blog we find out a little bit more about Laura's background in the industry and ask her some advice for choosing the perfect songs for your wedding day.

What was your earliest memory of singing and when did you first realise that you wanted to be a singer?

From the earliest age, almost as soon as I could talk, I was singing. During my childhood years music was such a huge part of my family and I always had a love for it. Music has always been a passion of mine and I always knew someday I would make a career out of it.

How long have you been a wedding singer now?

I've been a professional wedding singer for over five years now, that's when I decided that I'd go for it as a full-time profession. Before that I'd often be asked to sing at family or friends weddings and had been doing that for years before I decided to go for it full-time. I've been very lucky that business has been good but I do put a lot of effort and work into every wedding I do. I want to give each couple my full attention and get to know them and incorporate their wishes into the day. Tell us about some of the awards that you have won over the years?

I've been lucky to have won some great awards and recognitions down through the years. In 2018 & 2019 I was a Finalist for the Weddings Online 'Church Singer of the Year' award but this year has been my best to date, having won both the 'Wedding Singer of the Year' and the 'Overall Supplier of the Year' at the Weddings Online Awards. Which is your most requested song and also which is your favourite song at the moment?

A lot of couples vary with song choices that are personal to them. I have an extensive repertoire and if there's a song a couple would like me to learn, I will. I can certainly recommend songs to couples but the choices must be personal and have meaning to the couples themselves. A personal song choice? Now that's a tough one, Spotify has a lot to answer for... I have quite an eclectic taste in music and love pretty much anything. Shallow from the movie 'A Star is Born' was huge for me. I and a good friend Nigel Connell recorded a fantastic cover of it and are available to download and stream on Spotify and all platforms.

When chatting with couples about picking their songs what do you advise them? I always advise my couples if having a religious ceremony (eg Church), always ensure you confirm your music with your priest as most like the mass to be liturgical. Any other type of ceremony, we can have pretty much free reign with song choices so I would always guide as to what song would suit what suits best at certain times of a ceremony. I offer everything from Ceremony Music, Drinks Reception Music, After Dinner Entertainment, and Full Live Wedding Band so I offer packages to suit every couple pending on what they opt for. How can couples get in touch with you to book you for their wedding?

I'd love to chat with any couple currently on the lookout for a wedding singer. Couples can send an inquiry to my email at or give me a call on 085 773 1814. I'm also on Facebook and Instagram.


"Laura sang at my wedding and I have to say she was amazing, I still get goosebumps when watching the wedding video, her voice is incredible. She was so helpful with the choice of music and had no problem learning songs that we had chosen. I would highly recommend her to anyone!" - Review by Emma Connolly "I cannot recommend Laura enough, she's so professional and really helpful. I really didn't know what songs/music to pick for our ceremony, but once I met Laura she was just full of ideas and really understood what we wanted from the music. We had so many of our guests compliment the music even the priest was delighted with all the music. Laura is gifted!" - Review by Emma Hartigan "Laura was our church singer for our wedding in June and it was the best decision we made. Laura was absolutely amazing and made our ceremony even more special. Loads of our guests commented on how beautiful her voice is. Laura took a great interest in our wedding, including learning a song that we wanted to be included in the ceremony. Laura also has fantastic song suggestions for some parts of the ceremony where I was a little unsure of. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura, and thank you again!" - Review by Elaine Kelly

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