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Image Use & Copyright

In the world of photography, giving credit where it's due not only respects the rights of the creator but also fosters a positive and collaborative community within the wedding industry. It's a win-win situation when photographers get the recognition they deserve, and venues/vendors can still benefit from showcasing beautiful wedding content.

How Does Copyright Work?

In Ireland, under the Copyright and Regulations Act 2000, your photographer legally retains all rights to their images and use of and retains all intellectual ownership of the finished product. Your photographer retains all rights and privileges to use their images for marketing and social media purposes. Your photographer may offer the opportunity to sell the copyright of their images for an agreed fee of not more than €450.

Image Copyright Terms & Conditions


  • Your photographer may at all times use any images for marketing and social media.

  • Your photographer may offer the opportunity to sell the copyright of their images for an agreed fee of not more than €450.

  • The client may also use any images for social media, sharing with family & friends, and for printing purposes for personal usage only.

  • The client may not share images with wedding venues & vendors without prior permission from the photographer.

  • The client may not share, sell, or use images for marketing or other commercial purposes.

  • Wedding venues and other vendors may only use images provided with a watermark or with a credit to Photos: @MeathPhotos Wedding Photography.

In basic easy to understand terms, the owner of every photograph is the person who created the photograph. If a professional photographer takes a photograph they own the image, the same applies to amateur photographers as well, even if you have just taken a quick snap on your phone or even your iPad, you own that image and if anyone else wants to use that image for any reason they need permission from you first.

Wedding venues and vendors are always looking for great content that can help them promote the service or product they provide. They will often ask couples to send them copies of their wedding photographs and videos. They will then use this content for advertising their business and updating content on their own websites and social media profiles.

Couple’s will often not be aware that they do not have the legal right to provide them with these. Couples can’t legally grant permission for a business to make any use of their professional wedding photographs or video. Off course you can send them photos and videos you have taken yourself if you wish.

Wedding venues and vendors sometimes aren’t aware of the legal implications themselves, so sometimes they don’t believe that they have done anything wrong when they use photographs without a usage licence. On the flipside of the coin though there are wedding venues and vendors who are very aware that they shouldn’t and legally can’t do this, but they do it anyway as the gains from having good content to advertise their business outweigh any legal issues later on down the line.

Your Wedding Photographer works endlessly to ensure that you receive the best images highlighting the most magical moments of your wedding day. To ensure that they can promote their business they must post images on their website and social media channels to ensure that they promote themselves properly and maintain their business. It is also important that when other wedding venues and vendors post a professional photographers image that they appropriately and fairly credit the photographer and their business. 

Wedding photographers invest time, skill, and effort to capture the special moments of a couple's big day. In order to promote their business and showcase their talent, it's common for them to share these images on their website and social media. When other wedding venues and vendors use these images, it's not only ethical but also legally necessary to appropriately credit the photographer and their business. This recognition helps the photographer build their brand and attract potential clients. Proper crediting ensures a fair exchange and acknowledges the creative work and professional services provided by the photographer.


For questions & comments regarding copyright usage please email

085 7808115

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